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A brainchild of industry experts, Easylives Smart Solutions Pvt. Limited (ESSPL) is a recognized & registered company based in Delhi-NCR. We provide door-step car cleaning services that offer eco-friendly steam car wash & detailing at a decent price.
  • Best car wash and best car detailing services at your Doorstep
    • We use top of the equipment which makes sure your car is clean & devoid of stains, germs and damage, and odor.
    • Customer satisfaction is our Top priority.
    • We treat your car like our own.
    • All of our high-quality services are done using a small amount of water thus choosing us will help you do your part towards the environment.
    • We give importance to our customer’s busy schedule and complete it within a limited time.
  • We offer multiple car detailing services for every segment of the car by our trained staff at a single click of button.

We understand that due to a hectic schedule and lack of safety in modern-day setup it is impossible to step out and give our car much needed cleaning and care. We aim to solve the problem, so that you remain tension free and stay home, stay safe with your loved ones at this time of the pandemic.

We understand the need of the hour to save our environment, thus we use techniques which use the least amount of water for cleaning.

We use top of the equipment which makes sure your car is clean & devoid of stains, germs and damage, and odor.

We use eco-friendly organic solutions (Branded) for cleaning of cars. Interior cleaned with Eco safe products that are healthy for you and your passengers.

We use every time Fresh microfibre clothes for every car we wash to maintain the standard of Hygiene.

We provide customized car wash and detailing packages at decent rates keeping in mind value proposition for our customers.

Customer delight is our key focus and we are committed to making your life easier with Easylives.

You will never need to go to the car wash again, save your time and the environment! We can wash your car where it’s parked without you even needing to be there

You can book an Easylives car service directly from our website or by downloading the exclusive Android App and IOS. Want to interact and book? call or WhatsApp on +91 96 1349 1349.

Currently, we are operating in Gurgaon location with all pin codes. We have a plan to extend our service to the entire Delhi & NCR very soon.

Yes, we are working 7 days a week including Holidays, from 9.30 am to 6.30 pm.

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Download our mobile application “Easylives” or you can register with us on our website.

Choose your Package

Go through the packages and choose the brand, select the model and pick up the desired service to get the package cost as per your requirement.

Slot Booking

Book your slot as per your plan, Our executive will contact you and confirm the booking.

Service at your doorsteps

Our team will reach your given location and will finish the assigned work. You can pay through cash or via Paytm or Card payment options.

Steam car washing is a new technology using high pressurized steam/vapor. The heat and high pressure combined results in an amazing clean while being completely safe on car surfaces and the fragile environment. Traditional car washes in car wash stations, regular car washes, causes swirl marks, and affects the longevity of paint of the car. It also consumes 300 to 400 liters of water in a traditional car wash. Our steam wash technology is 100% environment-friendly with no chemical use and very little use of water (4 to 7 liters per car on average) without leaving any waste-water or chemicals behind.

Benefits of Steam car wash :

  • Avoids swirl marks on car paint.
  • Increases the longevity of your paint and prevents dullness of color which helps the car to look young and new always.
  • Steam helps to clean hard-to-reach areas like dashboards, vents, rails, door jams, ashtrays, cup holders, armrests, and all the edges and corners efficiently and completely.
  • It sterilizes, deodorizes, kills all bacteria and germs that cause bad odour and health hazards.
  • Consumes minimal water usage.

We service all major brands like Maruti, Hyundai, Toyota, Ford, Honda, Tata, Mahindra, Volkswagen, Mercedes Benz, Audi,BMW and many more . For the entire list please click http://easylives.in/package

We provide 14 types of customized car wash and detailing services keeping in mind customer requirements. For details of services please click this quick link http://easylives.in/default#Services

We offer customized packages at a decent price keeping in mind the requirement of customers. You need to select the brand of your car, model and pick up your package, Just click the link below to know more about our packages.


We use eco-friendly branded consumables for the car wash and detailing to enhance quality of service. Our well-trained manpower ensures consistency in providing International standard services to keep our customers happy always.

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